Yaletown Vancouver...

West Oak opened in the spring of 2013 in the heart of Vancouver’s high end and historic district of Yaletown. There is a lot of history behind the neighborhood of Yaletown, from when it first originated to the flourishing, cosmopolitan atmosphere it is now.  

What is Yaletown?

Yaletown was the Western terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway – a prominent part of Canadian history. The area was first reinvented in 1986 when along the north of False Creek, Vancouver hosted the World’s Fair and the land transformed into a myriad of venues. Since then, that piece of land, alongside the warehouse district near it, have developed into one of Vancouver’s high end and luxurious neighborhoods. Yaletown is now home to eccentric sidewalk cafes, residential lofts, fine cuisine restaurants, a variety of shopping boutiques and rich parks full of greenery. Officially located on the south side of the downtown Vancouver peninsula, Yaletown is bordered by the well-known Homer Street, False Creek and Robson Street.

Activities and Entertainment

Yaletown has a seawall that runs right along the water, making the waterfront parks a main city attraction. The seawall connects two of the biggest green areas in Yaletown: George Wainborn Park and David Lam Park. This provides a booming area that is popular for activities such as walking, jogging, biking or inline skating along the seawall. This is a spot to visit if you’re just dropping by Yaletown and is often sprinkled with locals enjoying the naturistic activities as well as the artistic pieces that are scattered along the waterfront.

As a nod to Yaletown being the Western terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, the historical roots of the neighborhood is remembered with the Engine 374 – which pulled the first transcontinental passenger train into the city in 1887 – which is on display at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

Stores and Shopping

The city of Yaletown is renowned for its wide variety of shopping boutiques, offering local shopping options for arts and crafts, souvenirs and high end fashion clothing stores. It is a great place to go window shopping and to see the unique items that each locally-owned stores have to offer. The stores in this neighborhood range from designer homewares to fashion with a hint of quirkiness that makes shopping fun.

Eating and Drinking

There used to be a warehouse district near the land that was reinvented back in 1986. Those old redbrick warehouses were built to include exterior platforms to accommodate for the loading of textiles on trains to be sent to the east. Those same platforms got repurposed into sunny, urban patios for summertime dinners, afternoon drinks and morning brunches. There are a variety of restaurants and bars sprinkled through Yaletown where one can enjoy a relaxed bistro lunch, a family-friendly meal and more. The additions of bars and lounges make the Yaletown nightlife a vibrant one, with their cocktail scenes, luxurious lounges and dance clubs.

Come visit Yaletown and take a stroll through its parks and shopping boutiques while perusing the various dining options that are available to you!

What is the Ocean Wise Seafood Program?

At West Oak, our seafood menu options are all about fresh taste and environmentally friendly means of achieving it. This is why we partake in the Ocean Wise Seafood Program, which guarantees that when you order one of our seafood dishes, you can be confident that it is going to have a story of environmental consciousness behind it. But what exactly is the Ocean Wise Seafood Program? How does it positively affect the environment? Keep reading to learn more and find out why we at West Oak are committed to this program in every way.

What is the Program all about?

The Ocean Wise Seafood Program’s goal is to provide the general population with fresh seafood through means that keep the health of the planet’s oceans in mind. Our planet’s oceans are facing numerous threats today including overfishing, climate change, and pollution, which means we need to make changes if we are to ensure that the oceans are going to continue to thrive with an abundance of ocean life in the future. Since the global consumption of seafood relies on the fishing industry, West Oak can easily be part of the problem thanks to overfishing should it not choose to participate in the Ocean Wise Seafood Program.

The Program aims to tackle the issues facing our oceans through means such as research, engagement, education, and visitor connections. There are many partners that have joined forces with the Program, and they do their part by labelling all Ocean Wise products clearly, making it easier for consumers to make environmentally conscious choices while shopping for their seafood. Each and every product that is part of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program will be clearly labelled, and purchasing these items as opposed to other products is an excellent way for the average person to help work towards saving the world’s ocean life.

The team at the Ocean Wise Seafood Program makes sure to individually work with each of their partners to ensure that ocean-friendly options are made available on menus or shelves. West Oak proudly labels all Ocean Wise menu items clearly and accurately, so that you know you are making a good decision when you order any of them. West Oak’s partnership with the Program is an excellent way to bring our customers the best and most fresh taste while ensuring that we are not contributing to the diminishing of ocean life. Sustainable seafood is one of the best strategies when it comes to ensuring that the world’s oceans are kept full of abundant ocean life for generations to come.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is any species of ocean life that is caught or farmed in a specific way that helps to ensure the long term survival and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem. The Ocean Wise Seafood Program is made up of a team of talented experts that are devoted to preserving the world’s oceans and making sure no species consumed by human beings is at risk of being endangered. Sustainable seafood is generally not on a whole lot of people’s radar in today’s world; many people are either ignoring the warning signs of the problems facing our oceans, or are simply confused as to how they can help. The Ocean Wise Seafood Program makes it much easier for average, everyday people to find a reliable and effective means of fighting the battle to keep our oceans and ocean life safe and healthy.

Is sustainable seafood going to taste different?

You may think that sustainable seafood is going to end up tasting differently than other options, but we can assure you that you will get the same great and fresh taste that you love each and every time. Sustainable seafood does not contain any additives or anything else that may alter taste, and it is prepared in the same manner as other seafood dishes when you order it at West Oak. Seafood

You can help!

When you choose to order a dish at West Oak that includes Ocean Wise seafood items, you are doing your part to make sure the world’s oceans stay healthy and that ocean life is not in danger. The Ocean Wise Seafood Program is meant to empower individuals just like you with the means of helping to reduce overfishing and other ways in which we are hurting our world’s oceans and all of the life that calls them home.

Not only is Oceanwise Seafood good for the environment, it also bring a new level of freshness and quality that we are proud to server our customers. An esteemed guest described the Chinois Prawns as "Tender and fresh with a zesty flavour of candied walnuts and a sutle heat from the house made spicy aioli."

We at West Oak are proud to be among the many partners of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program, and we sincerely hope you will join us in the fight to make the world’s oceans a better place for the countless species that call them home. Ordering a seafood item at West Oak is your first step to great fresh taste and doing your part to help us keep the world’s oceans healthy and plentiful.